Coach Training

We are on a mission to create incredible coaches who are fully equipped to make a meaningful impact in business and lifestyle transformation. We offer diploma-certified coach training, taught by a Master Coach with over a decade in the industry. Our courses range from Agile Coaching to Master Intuitive coach and more. We are very proud of what we have created and are committed to creating passionate coaching with meaningful and fruitful careers.

Group Coaching

So many people long to work with groups to teach their passion, coach in businesses, or help people in need. But few people know how to create open and learning group environments, we teach coaches (and prospective coaches) how to effectively work with groups. 

Certificate in Effective Communication

One of the truest powers we can wield is to communicate, be it one on one, in a group, with family and friends, presenting to a high influence audience, it is all the same.

Some people are naturally good communicators and some people need more practice, but either way, knowing why communication is important and how to clearly convey your message is of utmost importance.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 month   

Qualification: Certificate                          

Next start date: 3rd April 2024

Total: $1750.00

In a company, the delivery of projects and products and indeed the company as a whole, rely on effective high-performance teams. This is not just about working well, but each individual excelling and working like a finely oiled machine.

These are our movers and shakers, our company influences and this is how we help them make their companies and projects successful. 

Level: Advanced

Duration: 6 months   

Qualification: Diploma                          

Next start date: JUST FINISHED

Total: $5750.00


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