Coach Training

We are on a mission to create incredible coaches who are fully equipped to make a meaningful impact in business and lifestyle transformation. We offer diploma-certified coach training, taught by a Master Coach with over a decade in the industry. Our courses range from Agile Coaching to Master Intuitive coach and more. We are very proud of what we have created and are committed to creating passionate coaching with meaningful and fruitful careers.

Business Coaching

Have you ever considered a career as a professional coach and consultant? Did you know Transformation & Change coaching, Agile coaching, and High-Performance coaching are in high demand and can be financially rewarding and well as mentally fulfilling.

Introduction to Agile Coaching​

Whether you’ve heard of Agile or not – leading businesses big and small are becoming Agile and there’s never been more demand for trained professionals.

This course gives you a good base understanding of Agility to help you in your company and role, allowing you to work on Agile Projects and have a taster if a full-time career as an Agile Coach could be for you.

Level: Beginner

Duration: 2 weeks                               

Next start date: 15th April 2024

Total: $995.00

As an Agile Coach and consultant, you will help companies transform their ways of working, ensuring effective products and services are delivered to their customers in the most efficient manner.

 It’s more than just a methodology but also a mindset, igniting passion in individuals and teams in companies whilst ensuring the company’s success. 

Level: Advanced

Duration: 6 Months                               

Next start date: 1st May 2024

Total: $7950.00


Certificate in Burn-out prevention

Burnout costs companies billions of dollars each year, this certificate helps you understand burnout and how to prevent it as well as burnout recovery. 

You may consider using this course to further you in your role or aid you in coaching and consulting. 

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 Month                              

Next start date: JUST FINISHED

Total: $2250.00



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Certificate in Effective Team work

Great teamwork is needed for companies to be efficient – but how much time is actually spent on understanding teams and helping them work efficiently and communicate effectively. 

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 month 

Qualification: Certificate                             

Next start date: March 2023 – FULLY BOOKED

Total: $1750.00


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Diploma in Business Transformation Coaching​

As a transformation coach and consultant, you help companies navigate change and transformation.

This course will not only focus on change management but also Agile ways of working and Agile mindset to help you understand the most effective way to help companies transition.  

Level: Advanced

Duration: 6 months   

Qualification: Diploma                          

Next start date: 1st September 2023

Total: $5750.00

Master of Transformation

You are passionate about change and transformation. You want to help businesses, teams, and individuals perform at the best of their ability. You understand that high performance is a fully holistic approach and this course will help you blend multiple approaches to transformation. 

Level: Master

Duration: 1 year                              

Next start date: Sep 2023 – FULLY BOOKED

Total: $12950.00


This course is already fully booked! Add your name to the wait-list, so we can email you with our next available dates!